Div. 6 – B. Ross


world for Div.5

I strongly believe that children have the potential to create positive change in the world. Through daily outdoor experiences it is my goal that children in Div 5 will be curious about appreciate and be protective of nature. We help our local and global neighbours through community service projects. I encourage my students to believe in themselves and to realize their power to make a difference.


As we head into our final months of grade 3, we are beginning & completing exciting learning projects!

*Our class is connecting with students in Quebec City to exchange travel brochures about our provinces

*We are “Joining the Blue Dots” as follow up to our experiences with David Suzuki’s Blue Dot tour in the Fall.

*Our project based learning groups are in different stages of completing their “Helping the Community” projects: saving trees, planting plants, helping birds, reducing pollution and feeding the homeless. Once all the projects are done, we will share the questions we had, the action plans we developed and the reflecting we did about the success of the projects.

Science: Wetlands unit is wrapping up and will begin Structures in the next few weeks. This will be a hands-on unit that includes lots of building with reusable materials. We will learn about Canadian architect Frank Ghery’s designs, build a large structure at the back of the classroom, build a geodesic dome outside, and more!

Math: Fraction and Geometry are coming up, then we will pull all the basic skills together by doing multi-step math (algebra that includes more than one operation).

Socials: We will explore various features of our province and local community. We will create a mock town called Strawberryville and elect a city council as a way to learn about local government.

PE: Fitness focus–strength, flexibility and endurance will lead into Track in preparation for the season.

Nature Education: Please click on the  DIV 5 NATURE NEWS link for  videos about the way we use nature as a classroom on a daily basis!



**For basic fact practice, go to this website: www.tux4kids.com.
Click on the Tux math side bar, click on Tux, of math command. It is free to download the software.

**For a variety of  other math games: www.mrnussbaum.com Go to MATH GAMES.

**For more online KID SAFE educational resources and activities, please go to the Greater Victoria School District 61 homepage: www.sd61.bc.ca click on e learning, then elementary.