Div. 12 – A. George

Welcome to full day Kindergarten at Strawberry Vale School.

Morning Reading Time

In support of our literacy program, parents are invited to read with Kindergarten children for a few minutes at the start of every school day. Please stay and read any morning you are available.

Sharing Time (Show and Tell)

Many of the children have expressed interest in bringing special items to school to show their classmates. Each child may bring something to show one time per week. Rather than have a specific schedule to follow, I’ll leave it to you to decide when your child brings something to school. All I ask is that you limit it to once per week. If your child is not yet feeling comfortable about talking in front of the class, leave it for a while, and encourage your child to bring something in a few weeks.

White Name Cards

Please keep your child’s laminated white name card in a handy spot and help your child practise printing his/her name as it appears on the card. The purpose is to learn the correct use of upper and lower case letters, so names are printed as, for example, Heather and not HEATHER or HEatHeR. When your child is comfortable with the first name, start practising the last name.

Skeleton Dance


We learned the skeleton dance while we were making skeletons for Halloween. To try it at home, click on this link:



Division 12 Nature News

This year, the Kindergarten students in Division 13 have been learning about worms and composting.

     We have a worm bin in the classroom and each Thursday, the children feed the worms fruit and vegetable scraps left over from their lunches.

     It is fun to mix the scraps into the dirt and see all the worms wiggling around.


     For Mother’s Day, the children planted marigolds into compostable cardboard pots using dirt from the worm bin.



     The wrapping paper was made from coffee filters coloured with food colouring.


     Our mothers were asked to plant the marigolds, pots and all, into the ground, and bury the wrapping paper in the garden for worms to enjoy.

Everyone is looking forward to harvesting the worms in June.