Div. 1 – K. Tregear / M. Stocks

Ms. K. Tregear teaches Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.   Ms. Stocks instructs the class on Wednesday. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please drop by the classroom, or send us an email… ktregear@sd61.bc.ca or mstocks@sd61.bc.ca

Field Trips: The first field trip will be to Hartland Landfill on Nov 3rd, 2017.  We will leave the school at 9am and we will return to the school at 11:30am. If you are interested in driving,  please make sure all your driving information and criminal record check is up-to-date in the office.  We need drivers! Thank you so much!

We have our “Business Basics” speaker coming to the classroom in the third week of October. Derek DeGroot is a “Junior Achievement” volunteer. He is a financial advisor who very kindly volunteers his time to teach the children how to set up their own business. Derek is also an ex. Strawberry Vale students.

Spelling City…. Username: karinetregear1  Password: spelling

Weekly Homework

Monday: Pro-D Day today.

Tuesday: Today in math we worked on Multiplication. Students in Grade 4 were asked to complete up to number 15. Students in grade 5 were asked to complete up to number 25. Please bring in any forms which have not yet been signed and returned. Entertainment books went home today.

Wednesday-  Ms. Stocks is teaching today.

Thursday: Today in Mathematics we worked on multi-step division. Students were asked to complete the first 10 questions. We did the first 5 together. Some students were having a hard time with the steps. Please be patient as this is the first time some of them have ever done long division. We will be working on this all year long. It is o.k. if they don’t remember the steps (Divide, multiply, subtract and sometimes bring down). In Science students were asked to complete their Science title page.

Friday: The only H.W. this weekend is to complete the Science title page. Many have handed this in and some just need to put on some finishing touches. Have a great weekend.

** Here is our link to some websites. Give it a try!! We will add more websites that we like throughout the year. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know!