Div. 1 – K. Tregear / M. Stocks

Ms. K. Tregear teaches Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.   Ms. Stocks instructs the class on Wednesday. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please drop by the classroom, or send us an email… ktregear@sd61.bc.ca or mstocks@sd61.bc.ca

Field Trips: The next field trip will be skating on Tuesday, Jan. 16th from 9:30-10:20am. We have 3 skating trips in total.  If you are interested in driving,  please make sure all your driving information and criminal record check is up-to-date in the office.  We need drivers! Thank you so much!

We have our “Business Basics” speaker coming to the classroom in the third week of October. Derek DeGroot is a “Junior Achievement” volunteer. He is a financial advisor who very kindly volunteers his time to teach the children how to set up their own business. Derek is also an ex. Strawberry Vale students.

We also have a B.C. Wildlife speaker coming on Monday. Nov. 20th at 9am. Connel will be speaking about wild B.C. animals.

Spelling City…. Username: karinetregear1  Password: spelling

Weekly Homework

Monday: Today in Mathematics we reviewed Multiplication. Grade Four worked out of their text book on p. 138 #1,2,3,4 and 7. Grade 5 worked on a handout. The Math needs to be completed for H.W. We began our “oral” times table test and we will continue working through the class each day this week. Many students have finalized their Home Writing for today. There are still 10 more who need to complete this “Final” copy. I will send the Home Writing off to Habitat for Humanity by the end of this week. There are some fantastic pieces of writing from this class! Way to go! This Thursday I would like to test the students on the Map of Canada. They will need to know all their provinces and capitals and able to write them on a map. We will practice in class for this test, but students will need to practice at home as well. We had our speaker in today from Wild B.C. The students really enjoyed listening to Connel talk about all the animals in B.C. He also had some great “models.”

Tuesday: We had a wonderful substitute from Australia today. I was feeling too under the weather after my flu shots. In Math students worked long division, which most did finish in class. We will keep on practicing long division this week. We are still asking students to bring in a “toonie” for Derek from business basics. Derek was here again today and he did another amazing job teaching the students about setting up a business. I sent the students home with a form to fill out for entering the writing contest. Apparently students need permission to enter this writing contest for “Habitat for Humanity.” Feel free to google “Habitat for Humanity” and check out their web page. You will see last year’s winner “Bensen Wilmer.” Each piece of writing will raise $10.00 for Habitat for Humanity, whether they win or not… JUST for simply writing. All students have written their home writing and the final copy needs to be handed in tomorrow. I currently have 3/4 of them. Have a good evening.

Wednesday-  The Wednesday teacher (Ms. Luma) is teaching today. Grammar Rule # 2 is due next Wednesday and there is a grammar quiz next Wednesday.



** Here is our link to some websites. Give it a try!! We will add more websites that we like throughout the year. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know!