What is Project Based Learning

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What is Project Based Learning at Strawberry Vale School?

We believe that Project Based Learning (PBL) provides students with the opportunity to realize their individual power to effect positive change on local and global issues. We understand the importance of students having a voice and choice. In Project Based Learning the experiences become meaningful as students connect the topics to their own lives. Our role is to guide them through authentic, relevant experiential learning opportunities that are tied to curriculum outcomes, to provide structure for collaborative decision making related to inquiry, planning and research, and to give them the tools they need to share their knowledge in a way that is meaningful to them and their audience.

At Strawberry Vale our school grounds provide a wealth of opportunities for students to interact with nature and employ PBL learning methods. We have a Garry Oak meadow, a native plant garden, a stream, and a school pond that serve as outdoor classrooms.

Environmental responsibility is a key part of who we are as a school. PBL topics extend out from local to global environmental stewardship. Asking driving questions about nature in our immediate vicinity will be linked to the health of our planet.

All of projects encompass multiple experiences aimed at developing 21st century skills including collaboration, critical thinking and integration of technology. We have a strong desire to prepare our students for the world beyond our school; to carry their experiences with them as they continue to develop social and environmental responsibility.