PAC Executive

PAC EXECUTIVE and Program/Event Coordinators

2019-2020 PAC Executive

President: Jonathan Wardle
Vice-President: Sam Jassal
Treasurer: John Hajecek
Secretary:  Tzena Bennallack
Members at Large:   Wendy Watt, Andrew Balo and Raven Yager

Vacant positions:

PAC Email:
All questions, concerns and feedback about the PAC, Events and Programs can be directed to the email above, unless otherwise specified.

2019-2020 Program Coordinators

Child Alert
Laura Bey

Class Rep Coordinator
Kindree Draper

Earthquake Safety Committee – Parent Rep
Esther Johnson

Val U Book Fundraiser – Coordinator
Wendy Watt

Facebook Webmaster
Jasmine Jassal

Fruit & Veggie Program
Jasmine Jassal

Fun Lunch
Leanne Kopp

Fundraising/Grant Coordinator

Lice Check
Ann Bookman

Mother’s Day Basket Fundraiser

Parent Education Coordinator
Wendy Watt

Scholastic Book Fairs
Laura Bey

Thrifty Smile Cards
John Hajecek