Each year the PAC organizes several fundraisers, including school and community ‘fun’ events and product-fundraisers. The money we raise is used in a variety of ways to enhance every student’s school experience – from subsidizing Field Trips, Home Reading Books and specialized classroom materials to providing funds for various school-wide events and activities such as the purchase of new technology (iPads), the Artist-in-Residence Program and more recently, the Nature Play Perimeter Pathway Project

Fundraisers for 2016/2017 include:

We are excited to announce we have been approved once again for the 2016-2017school year to take part in the Thrifty’s Smile Card fundraiser. For every purchase made with a Strawberry Vale PAC Smile Card, 5% comes back to the PAC (up to a maximum of $2,500). The proceeds from this fundraiser goes to the purchase of Apple iPads for the students to use. With the proceeds from the 2016-2017 school year, we were able to purchase 3 new mini iPads!


  1. Pick up a Thrifty Foods Smile Card Fundraising Card from our Smile Card administrator.
  2. Bring the card with you to Thrifty Foods every time you go grocery shopping.
  3. Before you load your groceries at the till, ask the cashier to load any dollar amount on the card you like.
  4. *Important: Card load must take place before groceries are rung through. You can pay with cash, debit or credit card.
  5. Pay for your groceries with the Smile Card.
  6. When your card is running low, load it back up to continue supporting us.

THAT’S IT! 5% OF YOUR CARD LOAD WILL BE DONATED TO THE STRAWBERRY VALE PAC.    It all adds up and all you have to do is carry the card with you! Contact Brenda Knox at to pick up your card.  Please load up your cards right away and get shopping!  If you need extra cards to give to family and friends, please come to the school office.

“Books for Books” Fundraising Campaign
Thank you to all Strawberry Vale families for their support of the Entertainment Book fundraiser.  We had our best year ever for this fundraiser – well done!  We sold a total of 355 books, surpassing our school-wide goal of 300.  The net profit for this fundraiser is $4,248! Woot woot!!  The proceeds from this fundraiser are allocated to purchasing new books for every classroom.

The PAC would like to recognize the following classrooms and students, as well as announce the winners of the prizes, which were drawn at random:
Top Selling Division:  Division 5, selling 42 books
Second Top Selling Division:  Division 9, selling 38 books
Top Selling Student:  Our top selling student received a prize.  As well, 3 student names were drawn at random and they also received a prize!

And, since we surpassed our school-wide goal, the whole school will have an Extra-Long Recess one day in the upcoming coming weeks.   Well done, Strawberry Vale!  Thank you to everyone for their help and support for this annual PAC fundraiser.

Each January, a Bottle Drive and Tree Chipping event is held at the school between 11am and 2pm. Families and neighbours bring their bottles and undecorated Christmas trees to the school for recycling. Parent volunteers sort the bottles. Families dropping off their trees make a donation to have their trees chipped on-site. The money raised from this fundraiser is usually allocated to enhance nature/environmental education activities and outdoor beautification of the school such as the Nature Play Perimeter Pathway project.

New this year, we will be participating in one of the fundraisers offered through Victoria Royals Hockey. Stay tuned for more details.

Each April, families are sent an order form to purchase hanging flower baskets and bedding flowers (for Mother’s Day and/or for spring planting). The campaign usually runs for two weeks. The week before Mother’s Day, the flowers are delivered to the school and families pick up their orders.

Strawberry Vale School has a Co-Op number that any family can use when purchasing gas at any Co-Op location in Victoria. The number is #23650.