Eco-Literacy Day: Friday, June 14th

On Friday, June 14th, Strawberry Vale students and staff will be heading outside for a whole day of hands-on, nature-based activities.  It’s called Eco-Literacy Day.  What is Eco-Literacy?

Let’s break it down:
Eco , short for ecological, has to do with the relationship between living things—like us, our friends, family and neighbours—and their relationship with our environment. Our environment includes the places we live, go to school, work, and play.

Literacy has to do with competence and knowledge in a specific area.

Eco-Literacy Day at Strawberry Vale is focused on developing our knowledge about the natural world and strengthening relationships in our community. We have well over a dozen invited guests, volunteers, and community members coming to join us. They will be sharing their expertise and enthusiasm and lending a hand at different locations around the school.

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Parents, you are welcome and encouraged to attend!  If you’d also like to lend a hand, please contact Mr. Richey at .

Over the course of the day, students, staff, and everyone involved are encouraged to think and talk about what we, the people who make up this community can do to make Strawberry Vale even better, for ourselves, for our friends and family, and for the future of our school.

Our Mission:

  • To come together as a school community to
  • connect to our natural surroundings, and
  • to celebrate the things that make Strawberry Vale a great place to go to school.

We will be outside all day. Students should arrive prepared for the weather.  While, sunscreen, hats, and appropriate footwear will probably be the order of the day, check the weather just in case.  Regardless of the weather, students should be prepared to get a little dirty!

See you out there!