Div. 6 – J. Parlee

Welcome to our Grade 3 classroom!

Spelling words: March 3

  1. lady
  2. ladies
  3. surprise
  4. surprises
  5. toys
  6. shoes
  7. shy
  8. cry
  9. cried
  10. study
  11. studied
  12. story
  13. only
  14. finally
  15. family 

            Our Term 1 Adventures

Some of the pictures have been altered to remove the images of students who are not permitted to be shown on the website. If you would like a copy of any of the pictures, please send me an email and I can pass on a copy. Please note that under no circumstances can the images be shared though social media. They are for the private use of your family only. Make sure to ask your child to show you their contributions to our Coast Salish Village.